We are happy to announce that Appeal Studios is now a part of THQ Nordic.

This integration allows us to be even more focused on the development of our next innovative open-world action-adventure game.Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

Wanna join our ever growing team? Send your application to job@appeal-studios.com

Creating Gaming Magic

Since the early days of the industry.
It’s what we love. It’s what we do.


Appeal Studios is a premier game development studio, located in Belgium, that’s brought together a team of veteran game developers. We bring games to life across a wide array of gaming platforms and we strive to make our games so memorable that gamers will talk about them decades later—like our 1999 cult classic Outcast.
Outcast Game Art - Man with Pistol at the forefront, two planets in the background, desert with pyramids, jungle with pyramids at the forefront, lake with dinosaurs.
Appeal Studios Awards - Gamespot, PC Gamers 90%, Computer Gaming World, Game Critics Award Winner, Home PC Game of the Year, Interactive Achievement Award

Passionate Team

Though our team has grown over the years and includes a mix of talent, our leaders have been in game development for over 30 years.
Our Track Record

Our Games

We create games for a variety of gaming platforms and consoles, including PC, Mac, Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One and the upcoming new consoles.
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Project-S is a very ambitious science fiction, open-world project that’s currently in development. Release is still a few years out.
Oxygen Game Art - Space Wormhole Tunnel
Oxygen Game Art - Space Wormhole Tunnel


Released in 1999 to critical fanfare, Outcast was an action-adventure game we developed that was published by Atari. The game was named “Adventure Game of the Year” by GameSpot the year it was released.  Outcast was remastered by Appeal Studios in 2017 under the name Outcast Second Contact.

Fort Boyard

Fort Boyard is a family-oriented party game that’s an adaptation of the famous French TV show of the same name. It’s published by Microïds and is available on PC, Mac, Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Our recent collaboration with Appeal Studios, particularly around Fort Boyard Video game, let presage a long-term relationship with future projects.

Thanks to their expertise and their background, we do appreciate their professionalism and the guarantee to get quality video games living up to the level of the ambitions that we had defined.

Stephane Longeard, CEO - Microïds


We take an innovative approach to game development. We use the latest engines, that we extend with our own custom technologies, to maximize animation quality and visual realism in our games.

Game Engines

As a foundation, we use both Unity and Unreal Engine 4 to ensure we have technical flexibility when working with different game publishers.
Unreal Engine LogoUnity Game Engine Log

Character Animation

For motion capture, we use our multiple XSens mocap systems. They are complemented by Dynamixyz facial capture systems that feed our state of the art facial rigs to achieve ultra-realistic “performance capture.”

Motion matching also enables us to achieve smooth character movement and animation transitions. We are one of the few game development studios using this technology.

Culture & Team

Our team is our most important asset, so we value:
  • Self-management when appropriate. Because we feel that’s how each team member is able to best maximize their creativity.
  • Team & individual wellness. It’s important for team members to maintain a good work-life balance. For example, we don’t believe in “crunching”—asking the team to work overtime repeatedly is a bad habit in the industry, and it’s scientifically found to be counterproductive.
  • Open dialogue. Creativity is stifled when people can’t speak openly. We love when team members share their ideas for improving the gaming experiences we produce.